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Jul 14, 2022

*I was invited to join What the Huck?! to talk translation, Eurocentrism, and the 3% problem.  This is roughly half of the conversation. Check out What the Huck?! on your podcatcher to download the entire episode or watch it on YouTube*

Today we're joined by special a very special guest, our friend Sina Rahmani from The East Is A Podcast! In our interview with Sina, we discussed what gets to be translated and who decides what's worth translating. This has implications in both the literary world as well as in the scholarly realm, and it was fascinating to discuss these sorts of questions.

We highly recommend checking out Sina's show The East Is A Podcast wherever you get your pods (or at You also should definitely follow Sina on Twitter @UROrientalist.

Special shoutouts also go to our dear friend Katya Kazbek, who we wanted to cite in this episode but only got permission to after recording, as well as The Cadre Journal and Louis Allday, who themselves had a very similar conversation together between when we planned this episode with Sina and the time we actually got it recorded.

Your hosts are Safie and Henry, and this episode will introduce the show, which aims to wherever the hosts are interested.