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Feb 15, 2024

Duke Professor France Hasso (@nasawiyya) in conversation with University of Exeter professor of History Ilan Pappe as part of her Palestine Seminar.  

Professor Hasso will be convening a conference titled, "Concrete Imaginings: Building a Liberated Palestine" on Feb 28th, 2024.  It will be livestreamed and open access. 

Live stream link

Detailed schedule available here

From the syllabus:

"My initial goal was to give a platform to Palestinian artists and intellectuals working in Palestine but with limited opportunities to work or share their work outside of a permanent crisis mode produced by the myriad forms of violence attached to Israeli colonization. This violence regularly reaches university campuses and touches every dimension of life. The syllabus is idiosyncratic in the sense that it represents my intellectual and pedagogical interests for this seminar. I encourage people to use it as an educational resource and to take parts for their own teaching."

Download syllabus

Course listing


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